Wholesale data services.

Leverage our strong carrier relationships to gain immediate access to wholesale services, and gain a positive impact to your bottom line.
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Telstra & AAPT DSL

Our layer 3 solution delivers Telstra and AAPT products giving you swift, facilitated market entry with minimal start up costs and zero network investment. Our market-ready, competitive DSL products allow you to focus on increasing sales and expanding your market-share.


Optus ULL products

iBoss delivers Optus Fusion and Naked products as part of our services aggregation solution. With increasing mobile substitution, there is growing demand for true Naked broadband solutions with no line rental. Increase your addressable market by adding Optus ULL to your product range.



With NBN currently committed to rolling out 121 Points of Interconnect for Fibre Broadband Access, the investment required by Service Providers to compete is beyond most budgets. NBN products from iBoss resolve this barrier to entry with access to NBN Points of Interconnect without major capital expenditure. Now is the time to embrace the future of data services.

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Benefits of NBN for small & medium businesses include:

  • upload photos, video files or complex graphics to the Internet in seconds
  • enjoy higher quality voice and video calls over the Internet
  • employees and customers can send and receive large files easily
  • carry out bandwidth-hungry tasks simultaneously, like watch an online HD broadcast while someone else works on a complex graphic or video project
  • higher capacity for rich media, large complex files and online business processes
  • utilise more cloud computing resources, reducing hardware and software capital expenditure
  • employees can work more easily remotely, improving their work life balance while saving time and reducing carbon emissions
  • voice-enable your website allowing your customers to access information via phone rather than computer screen
  • in-house voice and data networks can be integrated, enabling improved information sharing and better customer service
  • be prepared for the future – fibre broadband enables businesses to cope with the constantly rising volumes of video and content


Benefits of NBN for consumers include:

  • stable, reliable and faster connections for all devices connected to the Internet in the same home
  • multiple users online at the same time does not impact on the online experience
  • upload photos and videos to the Internet in seconds
  • download music tracks in seconds
  • download a feature length HD movie in ten minutes
  • improved viewing of streaming video sites and the experience of watching a film on a computer is dramatically improved
  • improved gaming experiences

Combine our broadband and NBN products with our innovative iBoss enablement platform and you have the functionality to build custom-made plans. Gain the competitive edge and help reduce customer churn with multi-service discounts and bundling options.

Offer the full range of telecommunication services to your end customers with iBoss aggregation.


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