NBN Aggregation

Wholesale NBN, the way it should be.

The NBN roll-out continues aggressively across Australia and there are more opportunities than ever for ISPs to reach new customers and increase their market share.

121 problems

As the NBN remains committed to the 121 Points of Interconnect model, the investment required by Service Providers to compete is beyond most budgets. NBN products from iBoss remove this barrier to entry with access to NBN Points of Interconnect without major capital expenditure.

We’ve also removed the uncertainty of usage-based costs (CVC/AGVC) by aggregating it all into one simple solution.


1 simple solution

So you can skip the 121 problems and leverage our specialised aggregation platform via just 1 point of interconnect and a flat fee with iBoss. Now you can focus on creating a value proposition that caters to the modern customer.

That’s the commercial model that NBN should have been.

Combine our wholesale NBN products with VoIP SIP solutions from Symbio Networks and you have an extremely powerful combination of relevant and future proof telecommunication services.

1 Aggregation point

For you, this means 1 relationship, 1 contract, 1 point of contact.

Now is the time to embrace the future of Fibre Broadband Access services. Combine with future proof VoIP products from the largest VoIP network in Australia, Symbio Networks, and offer the full range of telecommunication services to your end customers with iBoss aggregation.

Add in our innovative iBoss enablement platform and you have the functionality to build custom-made plans. Gain the competitive edge and help reduce customer churn with multi-service discounts and bundling options.

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