Multi technology NBN solutions.

The change of Government in 2014 brought with a change to the roll-out strategy and technologies used for the implementation of super fast broadband across Australia.

NBN Co is starting to roll out multi technology mix NBN solutions across Australia to get more homes and businesses connected faster.

With iBoss, our plans and ordering are simple. Regardless of the technology used to deliver the NBN to your end users, the process and pricing is the same.

This means you can keep your offering straight forward and easy to understand. Find out more about the different technologies below, or contact us today to find out about adding NBN solutions to your portfolio

FTTN – Fibre to the node

This method of delivering NBN to an end user is a mix of fibre and copper.

Fibre cables are delivered to a node in the neighbourhood, with the final connection to the premises using the existing copper phoneline.

FTTB – Fibre to the building/basement

This solution is for buildings such as apartment complexes and office blocks; where fibre will be delivered to the ‘basement’ of the building and then existing cabling will be used to deliver the final connection.

FTTN and FTTB solutions have received some criticism about the performance it will offer and there are certainly pros and cons; however, it will enable a faster rollout of NBN across the country and it’s more convenient for households and businesses because it doesn’t require access to the end user’s premises.

FTTP – Fibre to the premises

The original technology that was due to be deployed to Australians nationwide delivers fibre to each individual end users premises. This type of technology delivers the fastest speeds thanks to a complete fibre connection with no use of copper or HFC to deliver the connection.

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