Core Package

The complete turnkey solution.

core-packageGet your business moving in the right direction with our full turnkey billing platform solution.

Our core package is great value for money and will enable your business to operate to its maximum potential with all of the following features:


iBoss aggregates usage and real-time data records to centralise control, improve reporting and optimise cash flow. Managed redundancy, disaster recovery and business continuity give you risk-free agility without the prohibitive price tag.

Financial Management

Complete payment tracking and processing, mapping correspondence between payments and consumed services, managing credits and debt collections, calculating costs and taxes.

iBoss integrated functionality supports customer information, product and service data, pricing models and combinations, billing configuration data, billing cycles, event triggers, bill delivery, audit settings and data archiving parameters.

Sales and Marketing

Enhance your sales and marketing effort with customer information that is integrated within our customer relationship management system, to deliver flexible consumer targeting and collaboration opportunities.

Customer Service

A fully integrated platform that tracks and captures customer activity means your customer service team is always on the ball. Deliver outstanding customer service and concern resolution with iBoss.

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