System Customisation

Modular flexibility.

Pick and choose these extra tools as and when you need them to turn our core package into an advanced system that gives your business the edge.

System Development work

If you need some specific customisation to suit your business such as a special plan creation function, or integration with a particular credit bureau. Talk to us about your requirements, anything is possible with iBoss.

Invoice branding

We can also work with you to provide advanced invoice branding so you can go 1 step further than our standard template format.

Customised reporting

iBoss already provides you with a wide range of reporting tools, but if there’s something extra you need, just let us know.

dealerDealer Management

If you need a dealer solution, talk to us about our dealer module.

Our dealer module allows multiple sites to be enabled and numerous user log ins can be incorporated into iBoss.

You can set up an attractive commission structure, commissions can be offered per plan, once off, or trailing and can be revenue based.

Invoices and dealer payments are all automated and reportable.

Get to market with the BSS/OSS platform that delivers on its promise. Contact us now.

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