Premium package

Elevate with enhanced features.

premium-packageThe premium package from iBoss comes with all of the essential functionality included in the core package, plus it comes with enhanced features that will enable your business to stand out from the rest.

Added extras include:

Customised invoice branding

Step away from the standard template and have a custom designed invoice to suit your brand guidelines.

End user self-serve portal

Reduce calls, save overheads, let your end users do the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ll give you access to our end user self-serve portal which allows your end users to pay their bills, check their service status, update their details and more.


Never miss an email from your customer again. Use our E-Support function to enable your customers to contact you by email, the communication will be attached directly to the customer’s account, not lost in someone’s email. All E-Support tasks are displayed and managed within the normal workflow management dashboard meaning optimal customer experience can be provided easily and efficiently.

Mass and SMS mailer capabilities

Send targeted marketing campaigns by email or SMS to groups of end users based on their plan, contract end date, demographics etc. Or send bulk messages to your entire customer base when you need to update them on a change. All possible from within the iBoss platform and all actions are time stamped on the end users account so that if they contact you about a message they received, you immediately know exactly what they are referring to and can service them more effectively.

Combined with the powerful analytics of Mandrill (part of the Mail Chimp group) your marketing capabilities just stepped up a notch.

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