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Mobile opportunity

A partnership with iBoss allows you to leverage your existing customer base to increase revenue via your own branded telecommunications offering.

Our proven experience working with global brands helps you build a competitive edge in a burgeoning digital marketplace.

  • MVNO solution- You need iBoss to supply mobile services to your business
  • MVNE solution - You already have your own supplier relationship and want to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, iBoss is the Enabler


Being a MVNE/O, means iBoss empowers brands like yours to create connections with customers that allow strategic marketing and brand engagement.

Leverage your existing customer base and drive sales growth. You remain focused on your primary business while enjoying the benefits of:

  • an uplift on existing core spend
  • increased engagement with existing customers
  • additional revenue streams.


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Your plan Our platform
Add a telecommunications offering A complete billing, operations, sales and support solution.
Focus on your core business New channels for your brands’ products and services.
Hit the ground running Complete, turnkey solution enabling fast speed to market
Harness new opportunities in the digital economy Built around your business and brand, iBoss is ready to run
Expand your brand Takes you further with telco services that help you target your customers
Increase revenue Enhanced customer connection means greater foot traffic, per customer spend, per visit spend
Leverage location-based investment Delivers flexible digital marketplaces for your established retail network
Influence your customer and their buying behaviour Gives your brand access to consumers via their mobile phone or Internet


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