Take your slice of the NBN opportunity

By 2019, the NBN will bring fast broadband to 9.5 million Australian premises. For savvy entrepreneurs, this presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build and grow an NBN business. By partnering with iBoss, you can become an NBN service provider – and take your slice of this national market.



Increased revenueNew customers. New revenue.

The NBN is a once-in-a-generation technology change. As the NBN roll-out continues, millions of Australian families and businesses will be obligated to switch to the NBN, and many will choose to change their telco. That makes the NBN the perfect opportunity to launch and grow your telco business. By becoming an NBN service provider you can:

                  • Access a large, national customer base
                  • Sell to all levels of the market: residential, business and enterprise
                  • Build predictable monthly recurring revenue
                  • Cross-sell other services


Add NBN revenue


one touch orderingiBoss is your competitive advantage

Speed to market and overtake your competitors. Don’t be held back by unexpected costs and technical delays. Partnering with iBoss gives you a streamlined, turnkey solution – used and trusted by established NBN providers. With iBoss, you can avoid the roadblocks that may slow your launch. So you can get on with growing your NBN business.


The iBoss advantage


operations_100pxA proven solution

The NBN opportunity is too large to ignore. With iBoss, it’s easy to incorporate an NBN offering into your product mix. The iBoss platform is a proven NBN enablement solution – it’s already used and trusted by Australian telco service providers.


“When our legacy billing platform reached end-of-life, we chose the iBoss platform as a modern, multi-service alternative. A key selling point was the white label self-service portal, allowing our customers to proactively manage their own accounts. Moreover, the customer migration process was greatly simplified with the support of the iBoss team. We were able to manage the transition of 5000+ accounts with minimal delays or development. We are now well positioned for continued growth in an NBN world.”

PennyTel Australia


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Take your slice of the NBN opportunity. No matter whether you’re new to the NBN market, or an established IT&T service provider, iBoss can support your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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