Deliver telco services in seconds (not weeks)

What is iBoss?

The iBoss platform gives you everything you need to start and grow your telco brand. With iBoss, you can aggregate a wide range of wholesale services, and resell them under your own brand. Including SIP Trunks, landlines (PSTN), NBN and ADSL.

iBoss also provides you with a turnkey solution for service provisioning, customer management and white-label billing. The user-friendly portal is designed for speed and simplicity. So it’s easy to setup, scale and manage your telco services.


Setup in seconds

With iBoss you can connect a new customer within seconds of signup, and begin provisioning services straight away. You can even automate the process via API. Without iBoss, you could wait for weeks while your carrier catches up.

You can view a demo by clicking here.


All-in-one platform

Say goodbye to workflow duplication and multiple windows. iBoss brings everything together. From fault lodgement to service management and CRM, daily functions can be carried out within one portal. Plus, changes are syncronised across the platform, so there’s no need to re-enter customer data.


Wow your customers

You can’t deliver customer service, if you can’t service your customers. Don’t let your business get bogged-down by complex carrier systems or technical delays. Move faster. Grow faster. The iBoss platform helps you stay agile, responsive and customer-focused.

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